Lifetime past & future discography $60

The Ultimate Collection features all the music created by The Cynic Project for the last 20 years, and all future music releases. Plus, lifetime access to my streaming radio station, where you may listen to all the music, anywhere, in a web browser. The product is delivered as a digital download, you may download songs individually, or each album as a .ZIP file. When you purchase, you will have lifetime access to the download, just email and if you are a registered member I will send you the latest download link. Coming soon Relax Moods Music Achieve your perfect "Relax Mood" with Relax Moods Music!

Note: Delivery of download instructions may take up to 24 hours. Email if you have not received your purchase.

get the collection now for $60

Lifetime past & future discography $60

BONUS: The Ultimate Collection also includes unlimited access to Pixelsphere, and the accompanying four-hour ambient Pixelsphere soundtrack. This inclusion doubles the collection's length to a full eight hours of music.

Pixelsphere, and the Pixelsphere Soundtrack are free, therefore, membership will grant you preview & development versions, licensing opportunities, and early releases. (Public Domain CC0 Assets from Pixelsphere are available on

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